What is “Pre-Preschool”?
Do you value a calm, materials-rich environment with a child-centered approach?

Do you appreciate the intentional use of language as a mode of helping kids grow and develop ?

Do you want your toddler to eat healthy snacks, do cool art projects, learn through music and play, and go outside every day with a consistent group of other like-minded toddlers?

Welcome to Pre-Pre with Polly!
Pre-Pre (short for Pre-Preschool) is a small, enrichment-based program focused on nurturing toddlers, and up-and-coming toddlers in preparation for public or private preschool education.

It’s the perfect child-approved, inspiring, loving environment that eases toddlers into social skills, learning development, and independence.

Want to know more? Here’s what to expect:
A day at Pre-Pre with Polly starts with the intimacy and consistency of a small group, plus me, a former stay-at-home mom, children's book author, art director, and teacher from a beloved Brooklyn preschool. You can trust your child will feel right at home in our little community of learners.
Each kiddo is different in temperament, learning style, personality, and needs. The small size of the group, plus my experience and passion for this age, helps me soothe, see, and honor your child in the way that’s best for them. Your child will always be seen and treated as the unique wonder they are.
Pre-Pre is a place for your children to grow into their authentic selves through problem solving, passion, creativity, silliness, outdoor adventure, physicality, socialization, and language acquisition. Kids spend their days immersed in a rich, intentional play environment with age-appropriate toys and materials chosen for their texture, beauty, complexity, and variety. They explore a diverse range of art media, develop a love of music and books, and make their first friends through things like dramatic play in our pretend kitchen.
The Pre-Pre space is set up mindfully, with the sense that a beautiful, ordered environment is crucial to your child’s development. The space is filled with natural light, order and an attention to visual and spatial balance. It encourages safe exploration, helps children find independence within limits, and gives them a sense of delight and calm.
child’s home-away-from-home
with creative play, connections
to others, and the most nurturing,
loving environment you can
provide outside of doing it yourself.
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