About Me
I grew up in Philadelphia where I went to a small Quaker school. I got a BA at Brown University in English literature, pursued a master’s degree in poetry (not an easy career choice!), then returned to school for graphic design. I became an art director of children’s books at a publishing house in NYC, then discovered the wonder of working with children (by way of volunteering at my son’s preschool). This led me to become a part-time educator (still doing freelance graphic design) and in the midst of all this, I wrote and published a couple of children’s books. I was a distance runner for many years whose knees finally had it leading me to yoga, which led me to meditation, both of which have truly changed my life. I believe in clean food, mindfulness in speech and action, beautiful spaces, the importance of story and language for kids of ALL ages, and I am continually inspired by children’s wonder for the world, their love of exploration, and their wish to spend their days in creative (and sometimes messy) play.
To find out more about me outside of my work with kids, feel free to take a look at my children’s books or click the “P” logo to check out my graphic design website.