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ensures maximum
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Children at play
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Children at play
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9 AM-5 PM
AGES 1-3
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“Calder has been with Polly for almost two years and is thriving. It’s a wonderful environment for play and learning. Clean, inviting and engaging. Our family couldn’t recommend PRE-PRE WITH POLLY any more highly.”
—M. and E., Calder's parents 2019

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Pre-Preschool with Polly is a safe care option for your baby or toddler during these strange times. It’s in a convenient location with flexible scheduling and Polly is an experienced, trusted teacher who will nurture your child with love.
Pre-Pre is for kids 1-3 years old. The group is small, selective, and consistent: 3-6 kids and 1-2 adults. The day runs from 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday. You choose the number of days.
Pre-Pre is in a home-based space designed to minimize exposure and maximize safety for our families and the community in our building. I am licensed and follow all recommended safety procedures as set by the NYC Department of Health.
Pre-Pre is a rich, play based program that fosters creativity, exploration, physical activity, literacy and socialization. We serve healthy snacks, do cool art projects, and go outside every day! Pre-Pre babies and toddlers learn about the world, themselves and each other in a calm, full-filled, and structured environment
Pre-Pre is run by me, Polly, an artist, children’s book author and former preschool teacher. I’m passionate about this age group, well-versed in the most up-to-date progressive pedagogy and known and trusted by Brooklyn parents for helping their babies and toddlers thrive.
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